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Nest Eatery Filming Policy & Procedure

Policy Statement:

Nest Eatery is committed to prioritizing the privacy, comfort, safety, and overall dining experience of our guests. To ensure a secure environment for everyone, we have implemented a policy that restricts filming within our establishment without prior approval.

This policy aims to eliminate unnecessary distractions, protect the privacy of both our customers and staff, minimize potential hazards associated with filming activities, guarantee unobstructed wheelchair-accessible paths, and preserve designated fire paths for emergency situations.

Policy Guidelines:

1. No filming without prior management approval

a. Filming (including photography and videography) is not permitted within the premises of the Nest Eatery, without obtaining prior approval.

b. This policy applies to all guests, including patrons, staff, and vendors, and is in effect at all times during the restaurant’s operational hours.

c. For the purposes of this policy, any reference to “photography” and “videography” includes the use of all devices (i.e., cellphone, camera, professional equipment, etc.)


2. Approval Process

a. Requests for filming and/or photography must be submitted via email to the designated email address: nest@nait.ca

b. The request should include the following details:

i. Name and contact information of the individual(s) or group making the request.

ii. Purpose of the filming (e.g., personal, commercial, media coverage, etc.).

iii. Date, time, and duration of the proposed filming.

iv. Description of the equipment to be used (if applicable) and any additional requirements.

c. Requests should be made at least seven (7) business days in advance to allow for review and processing.

d. Upon receipt of a request, management will assess its feasibility, impact on other guests and operations, potential hazards, wheelchair accessibility, and ensure designated fire paths remain unobstructed.

e. The decision regarding the approval or denial of the request will be communicated via email within three (3) business days.

3. Hazard Awareness

a. Filming activities may introduce hazards that can compromise the safety of our guests and staff, such as:

i. Tripping hazards caused by cables, cords, or equipment placed in walkways.

ii. Distractions to staff members, leading to potential accidents in the kitchen or dining areas.

b. It is essential for individuals engaging in approved filming activities to adhere to the following guidelines to mitigate potential hazards:

i. Always prioritize the safety of guests and staff, first and foremost.

ii. Ensure that filming equipment, including cables and cords, are properly secured and do not obstruct pathways or pose tripping hazards.

iii. Maintain clear communication with restaurant staff to coordinate filming activities without disrupting normal operations.

c. Nest management reserves the right to intervene and request adjustments or cessation of filming if hazards are identified or if the safety of guests and staff is compromised.

4. Wheelchair Accessibility

a. Wheelchair-accessible paths must remain unobstructed at all times.

b. Filming activities should not block or impede the designated accessible paths within the restaurant premises.

c. All individuals involved in filming activities must be mindful of wheelchair users and ensure their comfort and accessibility are not compromised.

5. Fire Path Guidelines

a. Designated fire paths must remain unobstructed at all times to ensure swift and safe evacuation during emergency situations.

b. Filming activities should not obstruct or impede the designated fire paths within the restaurant premises.

c. All individuals involved in filming activities must respect and prioritize the integrity of fire paths to facilitate emergency preparedness.

6. Exceptions:

a. Filming for personal use, such as capturing celebratory moments, is generally permitted without explicit approval, as long as it does not disturb other guests, violate their privacy, introduce hazards, block wheelchair-accessible paths, or impede fire paths.

b. However, management reserves the right to intervene and request guests to cease filming if it is deemed disruptive, intrusive, hazardous, obstructive to accessibility, or compromises fire safety.

7. Privacy

a. Photographers and/or videographers are expected to prioritize the preferences of Nest patrons and employees regarding their inclusion in photos or videos. If an individual explicitly declines consent to be photographed or filmed, their request must be granted immediately and without exception.

8. Staff Training and Awareness

a. All Nest staff will be trained on the Filming Policy, hazards associated with filming activities, wheelchair accessibility guidelines, fire path preservation, and the procedures for handling filming requests.

b. Staff should be vigilant in identifying potential hazards related to filming, wheelchair accessibility, and fire path obstruction and report them to the management promptly.

9. Enforcement and Consequences

a. Failure to comply with this policy may result in a warning or expulsion from the premises, depending on the severity and/or repetition of the offence.

10. Public Communication

a. The Nest’s Filming Policy will be prominently displayed on our website.

b. Enquiries related to this policy may be directed to Nest management at nest@nait.ca


Last updated: August 2023